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“Large bulk” tanks 30 tons and over

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An LPG tank equipped with its safety components and ground conductor, in compliance with regulations.

After the gas outlet tank valve:

I pressure reducing outlet valve 1.5 bars

I pressure limiter, outlet pressure 1 .75 bars

X meters of seamless draft steel pipe line, diameter according to flow. IGU specifications: B 521

If a section of this pipe line must be buried, provide a 0.60 m deep trench and place a yellow plastic screen 30 cm below ground level.

This buried pipe line will be treated against corrosion and stray currents (solacier tube or similar).

Before building entry provide a general stop valve housed in a case.

For E.R.P. (Premises Open to the public) provide a general “palm button” emergency stop valve housed in a case outside the building or a solenoid safety valve with remote control.

Note: If the tank is able to be accessed by the public, provide a chain-link fence

and place a ‘no smoking” sign on each side of the fence together with safety precautions on the front gate of the storage area.


Posting of “no smoking” signs on the four sides of the storage unit to be attached to either the chain-link fence or grounded supports.

Posting of safety precautions with the name and telephone number of installer as well as the telephone number of the civil protection centre.


Provide a 50 kg dry chemical wheel extinguisher within the storage area.

The tank must be equipped with a spray projection cooling ramp (dry rising main with isolation valve).

Ensure there is a post hydrant (RI) situated less than 50 m away from the storage unit, provide for one.


All electrical supplies located in the safety zone must comply with IP 331 explosion-proof standards.

If this equipment does not comply with standards, it must be located 7.5 m away from 5 to 10 ton storage units and 10 m away from 10 to 30 ton capacity storage units.

CONTAINED STORAGE AREA (required by regulations)

Height < 0.60 m from ground

3 m if pit> 200 m3

Distance wall/pit

2 m if 70 m3

1 m if pit < than or = to 70 m3

Dimensions of “Large bulk” tanks 30 tons and over

1 “large bulk” tank top view

1 “large bulk” tank side view​

2 “large bulk” tanks top view

2 “large bulk” tanks side view