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Customer-based storage

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The storage  area must  only  be  used  for its intended purpose:

The ground must be flat ,horizontal, in non-combusstible   material and in a good  state of cleanliness.

The storage area must be free of any combustible materials (paper, rags, wood, etc.)

The cylinders  area must  be  used standing  ‘’upright’’  REQUIRED. (it is strichtly  prohibited to use  cylinders lying on their  side as this  could  supply  the  installation  with  liquid  LPG; which  would  damage  the gas  regulator and blow  up the  thermal instrument’’ explosion or fire hazard’’).

The cylinders must be placed at the required   distances   according   to the capacity stored. They must  not  be  stored  in unventilated closed  areas. The cylinders must not be exposed to heat (temperature exceeding 50 OC).

The cylinders must  not be placed  below  or partially  below  ground  level. The cylinders  must  not be  thrown  to the  ground  or  knocked.