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Cylinder attachments

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The cylinders are equipped with:

Small and large capacity cylinders, type: 12kg – 12.5kg - 13kg - 39kg  - 45kg and 48kg a brass  valve, tag A, left-hand thread sealed by self-clamping gasket or a brass vale, tags B or C Anglo Saxon type pol, left-hand thread, sealed by a metal swage that screws into the valve.

a safety  device  attached  at the  end  of  the  valve  and  that  enters  the  cylinder (excess flow  limiter the purpose of which is to shut off the gas in the case where the demand flow exceeds the scheduled flow or if the cylinder connection is pulled out)

a  protective  cap  that  screws  onto  the  steel  mounting  boss  on  the  top  of  the cylinder or a static metal protection that ensures the valve is protected.

There  is other type   for the small capacity  cylinders  12kg  – 12.5kg  – 13kg, tag D “Quick-on” valve. They are equipped with a safety ball or check valve to ensure perpect sealing. When the gas regulator is screwed onto the cylinder, it pushes on the ball or the flap and allows gas to flow.